Rugged Edge Limited


Made right here in Newfoundland with all natural scents  native to Newfoundland.

The oils are an excellent moisturizing agent for your beard as well as promoting healthy growth. Available in various scents in a 1 fl oz bottle.

The balms are a great volumizing and styling solution. Available in  2 oz tins.

Scents available:                                                  Ingredients:   

1983 - Coconut Citrus                                         Argan oil                                         

Nor'easter - Peppermint Pine                             Jojoba oil

Home Brew - Chopped Wood                            Sunflower Seed Oil

Quidi Vidi - Cedar Mulch                                    Castor Oil

Middle Cove - Smokey Campfire                        Sweet Almond Oil

Logy Bay Rum - Spicy                                        Hazelnut  *(in Middle Cove only)

Skipper Sam - Sweet Tobacco

Unscented -  No essential oils

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